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Sib Prepare's Himself

Apr. 13th, 2006 | 01:36 pm
posted by: sib_belin in dawnofthejedi

Sib walked until the city of Xian. Many people looked his way as he walked by with his one arm. He was still defensless and that made him weary and parinoid. Some young people grinned greedily as he walked by. They probably saw him as an easy target. He did, however, have much to lose. He had loads of credits in his right pouch and he had his hand over it, just to make sure.

He walked up to a vender and looked down at his weapons. The vender looked up at him, "What are you looking for?"

"I need a sword or something better then that."

The man chuckled, "A sword? In your condition I would say a blaster is better suited."

Sib looked up at the man with cold icy eyes, "I want a sword." He said darkly.

The man raised his hands, "Alright, alright. A sword you'll get." He went behind the stand and pulled out a very fine looking vibro sword. It was long, sleak, and raisor sharp. Almost perfect.

"This is the best you have?" Sib demanded.

The man frowned, "Yes...your not going to find a be-"

He was cut off by a hand against his throat. Sib pushed him against a wall and started to squeeze. He may still of had one arm, but the Ashla gave him amazing strength. "YOU LIE!!"

The man clawed at Sib's hand, "Ok...O...got...broken....lightsaber...."

Sib held him in his hand for a moment then dropped him just as he was ready to black out. The man looked up at him from his knees, "Jeez buddy!"

"The lightsaber." Sib demanded.

The man gave him a sour look and went under the table. He brought out black and silver lightsaber. The cord was broken and there was no battery pack. That was perfect since he needed to replace his cord and had a battery pack. He snatched it from the man and held it. It was weighed perfectly. It felt good in his hand, hard, but not too hard. Sib brought it to his ear and shook it. The contents raddled slightly and he frowned, "The power cuppling is loose. I'll need another cord and a power cuppling."

The man went back under the table and brought them out, putting them on top of the table. "That's 40,000 credits."

Sib looked up at him and laughed, "I don't think you understood what I meant by 'give me'." In less then the blink of an eye, Sib snatched up the vibro sword and drove it deep into the man's chest. The man looked at him shocked and Sib twisted it slightly, causing the man to cry out in pain and agony. People stopped and watched him and backed off, giving him all the space he wanted.

"But your...a Jedi..." The man said, blood trickling down his chin.


The man looked at him in terror and Sib yanked the blade out of his chest. The man's eyes rolled in the back of his head and he fell to the table dead. A pool of blood gathered around him as Sib dug in and pulled out an extra battery pack, a blaster, and a thermal detonator. "Good doin business with you." He said and turned.

A man in a brown robe stood before him, "I am Jedi Mishka Mill. You are under arrest under the Jedi bylaw 221." He pulled out his lightsaber and a green blade shot out, "Come along peacefully or I will strike you down."

Sib grinned a devious grin, "How old are you Mill? 18 19? You have no way of beating me. Even with one arm I can still slaughter you. I suggest you go back and tell the Masters that there is a new threat to the Council. One that will bring them all down." He smiled and waited for a response, "On second thought I have a different message you should bring to them."

"What's th-" Mill started to say but was interupted by a vibro sword.

Sib drove it into his stomach and looked into his eyes, "This..." He pulled it out and spun it around, cutting the man's head off and watching his body fall to the ground. He sighed, "What a wasted life." Sib bent down and picked up his lightsaber and belt. "Thanks Mill. You've helped me out more then you know."

Sib turned and walked through the crowd. They parted quickly, not wanting to touch him. He could taste their fear through the Ashla as he turned a corner and smiled again to find a mechanic for robotic limbs. He stepped forward, opened the door, and stepped in. "I need the best arm you can give me." He pulled out his bag and the Jedi's bag, "And I can pay you more then you can imagine."

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I have failed

Apr. 13th, 2006 | 11:12 am
posted by: alexis_renvar in dawnofthejedi

Alexis had healed well thanks to the care he had recieved but he could not put this off any longer. Getting to his feet he walked carefully and pain stakingly to the great council hall.

He walked into the room and was engulfed by the great shadow in the middle of the room, the masters were talking but this merited interruption. " Masters.. I.. I have done a terrible thing " At this he fell to his knees and bowed his head.. on his outstechted hand was Sib's lightsaber.

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(no subject)

Apr. 11th, 2006 | 09:35 pm
posted by: sib_belin in dawnofthejedi

Sib had stayed with the small family for a while now. His wounds were healed, he was ready to leave. He felt bad for leaving the family with nothing so he dug into a pouch and pulled out some small coins, "Here. Take these as thanks. It isn't much, but you have saved my life and I will be forever greatful. Thank you again." He turned and left the small family, unarmed, literally, and going into the wilderness with no whereabouts as to where he was. He stopped and turned back, "Where is the nearest city?"

Janus stepped forward, "About 20 miles east!" Sib didn't move and she giggled, "That way silly!" She said and pointed to her left.

Sib nodded, "Thank you Janus and good luck!"

Sib turned and walked off into the sunset, not caring that it would be dark soon. He needed to prepare himself for battle and he needed an arm for that. He wanted revenge. He wanted Alexis's head on his wall.

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Alexis lives..

Apr. 5th, 2006 | 03:41 pm
posted by: alexis_renvar in dawnofthejedi

For hours after the battle with Sib Alexis lay motionless on the ground, animals and insects moved around him and vultures circled above. However inside the broken body a spark of life remained, eventually and with great effort Alexis got to his feet. He groaned as the memory of what happened flooded back to him.

Moving as fast as he could he made his way to the glade where thay had fought, the sight of Sib's severed arm on the ground brought home all that had happened.. Tears in his eyes he went to the comm link on the crashed speeder. He tuned into the temple's secret frequency and sent the message.

" Alexis Renvar in need of Medical assistance. I repeat Alexis Renvar in need of immediate Medical assistance.."

He slumped up against the bike and lay under the sun waiting for help..

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In the Meadow (for Sib)

Apr. 4th, 2006 | 07:31 pm
posted by: obi_wan in dawnofthejedi

Janus was ten. Or at least she was close enough to be ten that she had taken to rounding up.
She looked back over her shoulder to the small farmhouse that held her entire family - her mother, her pet yarmouse and Old Abby, the droid.
She had finished her chores for the day and was just enjoying the last few minutes of peaceful sunshine before heading back home.

At first, when the dark figure stumbled through the brush at the end of the meadow, Janus found herself going rigid with fear. The thing seemed to lurch and sway as it stomped towards her and then... it collapsed to the ground.
For a moment, fear and curiosity waged a small battle in her mind before she decided to creep slowly over to the thing and see if she could tell what it was.

"Why it's only a man! But where's his other arm?"

Hours later the man would open his eyes and find himself in a cot, the stump of his arm compentently bandaged. Old Abby was a medical droid, first brought on to care for Janus's sick mother, but was more than capable of dealing with a severed limb.
Janus peered into the man's face, her close-cropped sandy hair and freckles reflected in his eyes.
"Shhhhhhh, mister. Don't be loud, my mom is sick." She jerked her thumb over her shoulder to indicate a sealed-off bedroom. "And don't you move too much. Abby says you lost a lot of blood and stuff."
The droid looked upon them both benignly.

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The Power....The lose....

Apr. 4th, 2006 | 03:59 pm
posted by: sib_belin in dawnofthejedi

Continued After Sib and Alexis Get AttackedCollapse )

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Through the Eyes of a Miraluka

Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 09:10 pm
mood: exhaustedexhausted
posted by: braya_averre in dawnofthejedi

Braya sighed with the stress of so many people. Crowded places were the hardest on her 'eyes'. She lifted her hood and pulled off the cloth around her eyes. She took out her ponytail and let her long brown hiar cascade over her shoulders. She sensed Alora coming over. "You are alright, yes?" Alora asked when she came closer.
"You are looking for the word 'right' in place of the 'yes', or better yet just take it off," Braya said in a weak and tired voice.
"Thank you, I still make some mistakes in my Basic."
Braya gave a weak smile. "It's no problem."
"Could you also help me learn to actually speak it right?"
Braya raised her head and opened her eyes, allowing her a bit more detailed picture of the world. "You mean lose your accent?" She could tell Alora was not paying attention to her. The expression on the woman's face was not perfect but she understood the meaning, she got it a lot.
Alora seemed to realise that Braya could see her and went back to her usual expression. "I apologise, I didn't mean to stare."
Braya smiled. "We all look different from one another, even those of the same species. It is alright to be curious about another which you know little about."
"H-How do you see?" Alora asked cautiously.
"I...sense the world. I can feel depth and see shapes, but nothing too detailed. I can see into the hearts of living things. I can see the scars on your skin, ones only I can see. You have had a troubled past. There is one thing I cannot see, however. I cannot make sense of faces, I know where things should be, but I cannot see details."
She could both sense and 'see' that Alora was contemplating this. Finally, Alora took Braya's hands in her own. "Then let me show you." She put Braya's hands to her cheek.
Braya smiled and ran over Alora's face. She thought she was a beautiful woman, far more beautiful than her, or maybe that was her being critical on herself. "You're skin...it's rough. Did you grow up on a desert planet? Or are you actually a native of the Twi'lek homeplanet?"
"I was raised on the planet of my fathers." Braya noticed something and ran down to her mouth.
"Say that again."
"Why?" Alora asked in confusion.
Braya smiled. "You like putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth," she explained as she pulled her hands away. "That is your problem."
Alora realized this the moment she said it. "You're right..."
Braya smiled weakly once again and sighed, she was out of it. "I must go and rest. After I am rested I will seek you out again. Until then, may The Ashla look over you."
"And over you as well," Alora said as Braya left, pulling her hood over her head and putting her cloth back over her eyes.

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(no subject)

Mar. 27th, 2006 | 08:06 pm
mood: amusedamused
posted by: alora_ketra in dawnofthejedi

Alora came out of the council room. You could see how angry she was in her eyes, but as for the rest of her she looked as blank as ever. Braya and Leila looked at her for some sort of explanation as to where Alexis had gone off to. "He left, just a few days ago." Braya let out an annoyed and worried moan.
"Well did you at least find that Sib guy?" Braya asked, putting her hands on her hips.
"No, he left with Alexis." Braya let out a sigh.
"There really isn't anything that we can do, is ther? Well, I'll show Leila around then. Come on," Braya said, leading Leila down the hall.
Alora watched the two leave and then looked around. The main hall was busy, even with most of the members in classes. The majority of the people racing by were those who worked in the library, hustling and bustling around with stacks of datapads in their arms and important records ready to be filed. She decided to visit the library, see what they had added.

The library was her second right. The twin stone doors that stood high above her head were open, as they usually were. She stepped in and marveled at what had been done in her absence. The ceiling had been pushed much higher, making it possible for a little more than ten shelves to be snugly fitted in. Down on the floor were twenty desks, each housing three computers. Almost all of them were in use by the library's staff. At the end of the room was what looked like a white circular table surrounded by cushions. Alora decided to go investigate the "table" and walked past the computers. When she got there she realized how large it was, easily the size of the giant lizard creature Thornax's head. Before she had enough time to examen it the table came to life. A huge hologram of a human female appeared. "Hello, I am Trillion, holder of all files and texts of the Jedi Order. How may I serve you?" the hologram stated.
Alora pondered the question for a moment. "I don't really know. I was looking for something to do."
The hologram smiled warmly. "May I suggest teaching me something? My knowledge is vast, but does not extend to everything. I am especialy lacking in the culture of Tython."
Alora thought for a moment. "How about a story, a fairy tale? I love telling stories."
The hologram smiled even more brightly. "That would be perfect, what story will you be telling me, so I know where to store it."
"Uh..... The Child of Fuzhou."
"Memory Record: The Child of Fuzhou. Category: Fiction. Category Leads to Logic: Off. Saving Under: Culture. Subsave: Fairy Tales." The hologram stated. "Recording Under: Child. Child: Default. State Change Leads to Logic: On." The holo changed into a small child. "Recording: Now."
Alora cleared her throat. "Long ago, in the city of Fuzhou, lived a young human boy. His family was very rich and had a huge house, many slaves and servents, and every pet imagineable. The only thing he didn't have was time with his parents, they were always working. Every day the boy would go down to the kitchen and watch the slaves make all the meals. All of them were happy and joyous while going about their work, which puzzled the boy. He one day asked a kitchen slave, 'Why are you so happy? You have no money! You should be sad, not happy!' The slave only smiled and answered, 'Some things are more important than ones money.' The next day the child asked a different slave, 'Why are you so happy? You have no nice clothes! You should be sad, not happy!' The slave only smiled and said, 'Some things are more important than ones clothes.' The next day he asked yet another slave, 'Why are you so happy?! You have no freedom!! You should be very sad!' And the slave only smiled and said, 'Some things are even more important than freedom.' Now, the child was very confused by this. What could be so imporant that it out weighed money, clothes and even freedom?! And why would his slaves have it and not him?! He wished they no longer had what made them happy. The boy got his wish. The next day his father sold one of the kitchen slaves. The next day everyone in the kitchen was sad. The boy asked the slaves, 'Why are you all so sad now?' The slaves all frowned and answered, 'We have lost what we hold most dear.' The boy didn't understand. 'But you have lost nothing! You have everything that you had yesterday and the day before!' The slaves shook their heads. 'We no longer have all our family.' The moral of this story is that family is more important that material posessions."
The hologram smiled. "That is a very good story, thank you for telling it. I hope you will teach me again soon."
Alora smiled despite herself. "I look forward to teaching you again too." With that Alora left.

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OoC Community

Mar. 18th, 2006 | 01:54 am
posted by: obi_wan in dawnofthejedi

I have created an OoC community for both Tales and Dawn. I thought it might help guide plotlines and would be a nice place where you could discuss things not obviously related to the RPGs. Anyone wishing to post art or stories or anything else for that matter would be quite welcome.

The community is the_spice_rack. I hope you enjoy it, may the Ashla be with you.

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Preparing For Departure

Mar. 15th, 2006 | 04:50 pm
posted by: sib_belin in dawnofthejedi

Sib walked heatedly to the person the Council had told him to go to for supplies. Once there, he took what he needed and shooved them into his sack. He was in a hurry to get out and away from the Council. He was so upset that they with held this kind of information from the Jedi Order. If he had known earlier, he could have done something about it. He could have changed things. He was by no means a negotiator, but he could 'persuade' the fallen Jedi to turn back. He was not as weak and feeble like some of these Jedi walking about. He cared for none of them and most cared nothing for him.

As he walked to a speeder bike, he heard someone call out his name. At first, he ignored them and kept walking. Then he heard it again and stopped. He turned his head to see someone walking up to him.

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