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Dawn of the Jedi

a long time ago....

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The Dawn of the Jedi is a time shrouded in mystery. Little is known of the lives of those early precursors to today's Force-wielders. It has been suggested by some historians (Anderson and Wallace, 2006) that the Order that would one day become the most powerful faction in the galaxy took its roots from Tython, a little travelled planet just outside the Core.
On that world, more than 25,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, a handful of individuals set themselves on a path of self-discipline and exploration of a mystic power they called the Ashla.
As mastery of this unknown force grew, so did the goals of those who sought to control it -- for Good or Evil. And so began the Force Wars...

The World of Tython

Dawn of the Jedi is a role-playing community set on the world of Tython as the bloody Force Wars draw to an end. Players are welcome to create Jedi and non-Jedi characters (information on character creation). At first we ask you to limit yourself to no more than two characters.
Applications can be posted here.
Please familiarize yourself with both the Setting and our Rules for interaction.

If you have any questions, please contact obi_wan at transpondercodered@yahoo.com.

My apologies to China for the use of their country in my map.