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Sib Prepare's Himself

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Apr. 13th, 2006 | 01:36 pm
posted by: sib_belin in dawnofthejedi

Sib walked until the city of Xian. Many people looked his way as he walked by with his one arm. He was still defensless and that made him weary and parinoid. Some young people grinned greedily as he walked by. They probably saw him as an easy target. He did, however, have much to lose. He had loads of credits in his right pouch and he had his hand over it, just to make sure.

He walked up to a vender and looked down at his weapons. The vender looked up at him, "What are you looking for?"

"I need a sword or something better then that."

The man chuckled, "A sword? In your condition I would say a blaster is better suited."

Sib looked up at the man with cold icy eyes, "I want a sword." He said darkly.

The man raised his hands, "Alright, alright. A sword you'll get." He went behind the stand and pulled out a very fine looking vibro sword. It was long, sleak, and raisor sharp. Almost perfect.

"This is the best you have?" Sib demanded.

The man frowned, "Yes...your not going to find a be-"

He was cut off by a hand against his throat. Sib pushed him against a wall and started to squeeze. He may still of had one arm, but the Ashla gave him amazing strength. "YOU LIE!!"

The man clawed at Sib's hand, "Ok...O...got...broken....lightsaber...."

Sib held him in his hand for a moment then dropped him just as he was ready to black out. The man looked up at him from his knees, "Jeez buddy!"

"The lightsaber." Sib demanded.

The man gave him a sour look and went under the table. He brought out black and silver lightsaber. The cord was broken and there was no battery pack. That was perfect since he needed to replace his cord and had a battery pack. He snatched it from the man and held it. It was weighed perfectly. It felt good in his hand, hard, but not too hard. Sib brought it to his ear and shook it. The contents raddled slightly and he frowned, "The power cuppling is loose. I'll need another cord and a power cuppling."

The man went back under the table and brought them out, putting them on top of the table. "That's 40,000 credits."

Sib looked up at him and laughed, "I don't think you understood what I meant by 'give me'." In less then the blink of an eye, Sib snatched up the vibro sword and drove it deep into the man's chest. The man looked at him shocked and Sib twisted it slightly, causing the man to cry out in pain and agony. People stopped and watched him and backed off, giving him all the space he wanted.

"But your...a Jedi..." The man said, blood trickling down his chin.


The man looked at him in terror and Sib yanked the blade out of his chest. The man's eyes rolled in the back of his head and he fell to the table dead. A pool of blood gathered around him as Sib dug in and pulled out an extra battery pack, a blaster, and a thermal detonator. "Good doin business with you." He said and turned.

A man in a brown robe stood before him, "I am Jedi Mishka Mill. You are under arrest under the Jedi bylaw 221." He pulled out his lightsaber and a green blade shot out, "Come along peacefully or I will strike you down."

Sib grinned a devious grin, "How old are you Mill? 18 19? You have no way of beating me. Even with one arm I can still slaughter you. I suggest you go back and tell the Masters that there is a new threat to the Council. One that will bring them all down." He smiled and waited for a response, "On second thought I have a different message you should bring to them."

"What's th-" Mill started to say but was interupted by a vibro sword.

Sib drove it into his stomach and looked into his eyes, "This..." He pulled it out and spun it around, cutting the man's head off and watching his body fall to the ground. He sighed, "What a wasted life." Sib bent down and picked up his lightsaber and belt. "Thanks Mill. You've helped me out more then you know."

Sib turned and walked through the crowd. They parted quickly, not wanting to touch him. He could taste their fear through the Ashla as he turned a corner and smiled again to find a mechanic for robotic limbs. He stepped forward, opened the door, and stepped in. "I need the best arm you can give me." He pulled out his bag and the Jedi's bag, "And I can pay you more then you can imagine."

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