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Apr. 11th, 2006 | 09:35 pm
posted by: sib_belin in dawnofthejedi

Sib had stayed with the small family for a while now. His wounds were healed, he was ready to leave. He felt bad for leaving the family with nothing so he dug into a pouch and pulled out some small coins, "Here. Take these as thanks. It isn't much, but you have saved my life and I will be forever greatful. Thank you again." He turned and left the small family, unarmed, literally, and going into the wilderness with no whereabouts as to where he was. He stopped and turned back, "Where is the nearest city?"

Janus stepped forward, "About 20 miles east!" Sib didn't move and she giggled, "That way silly!" She said and pointed to her left.

Sib nodded, "Thank you Janus and good luck!"

Sib turned and walked off into the sunset, not caring that it would be dark soon. He needed to prepare himself for battle and he needed an arm for that. He wanted revenge. He wanted Alexis's head on his wall.

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