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The Power....The lose....

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Apr. 4th, 2006 | 03:59 pm
posted by: sib_belin in dawnofthejedi

Alexis looked up in horror ar Sib.. " What the hell was that?" he shouted, " he had been beaten, you butchered him"

Sib stood up and hooked his lightsaber to his belt, not even looking at Alexis, "He was dead anyways. I only helped him go painlessly."

Alexis did not stand down, " thats crap and you know it "

Sib stopped and looked over at Alexis, "You forget your place Alexis. I did the man a favor. You should be thankful I didn't just leave him to die in agony."

Alexis stood right up infront of Sib, " First of all you are not my superior so I have not forgetten my place. Secondly no matter what his state was stabbing a lightswaber through his face gives him no honor in death. It is written in the old code. Or do you follow your own code these days. Consider yourself above the jedi ways?"

Sib looked down to Alexis with a cold and stern look, "Last time I checked the rankings went by age young Jedi and if you don't agree with my methods then so be it. But I will not yeld to a child who follows the code so blindly. Open your eyes Alexis, it's a harsh universe out there and we are at war. We are about to be in the first large scale Ashla war soon. I just hope your ready for the fight with you following the code like a child."

Alexis squared up to Sib, he shouted out loud " I FOLLOW THE CODE LIKE A JEDI ". " And i will be damned if I will take orders from a " jedi" who twists and bends the code to serve his own purposes. Need I remeind you that we both hold the rank of Jedi Knight? You are no higher in Rankings than I"

Sib's eyes narrowed and he stood in Alexis's face, "Boy...I would be mindful of your words if I were you. Being Jedi isn't just about following the code. It's about so much more that you haven't even begun to understand yet, so don't try to lecture me on my methods and how I live my life." Sib walked past Alexis and bent down to one of the bodies, rummaging through his belongings.

" Do not turn your back one me " shouted Alexis

"There is no emotion..." Alexis said to him, not turning around, "Isn't that a part of the code?"

Alexis was steaming now, " you who has turned your back on the code now quotes it so freely.. what you did to that man was a corruption of what the jedi stand for"

Alexis still didn't turn, "Is that so? And what do you understand of life other then your happy existance as a Jedi? What trials have you faced in life to make you concider the code as a whole? Nothing. You have not learned these lessons yet and I suggest you don't try to lecture me when I have."

Alexis had him here.. " You no nothing of my life and I make no claim to understand yours. I judge you on your actions not your past. I have faced trials, trials as hard as any man can face. Do not speak to me of hardships, I have seen my share. Do not speak to me of battling the odds I have done it and do not speak to me of knowledge.. I have learned more than I ever wanted to know"

"Then you will realize that you know nothing if you have truely 'learned more than you ever wanted to know'. Just as I know that there is still much more I can still learn. Your past is something that defines who you are today and that person is obvious right now. You claim to follow the code so blindely, yet you rashly attack someone for having an opinion. As other Jedi would say, 'Calm yourself and think clearly'. Of course I think that's a bunch of crap." Sib stood up and walked down another body, rummaging through it.

" An opinion is one thing but slaughtering a defencless man like cattle is another Sib, I have learned more about Hardship than I have ever wanted to know.. not life knowlege. I do not follow the code blindly, I do follow it however. You on the other hand ignore it.. a bunch of crap as you put it, that bunch of crap has given you the gifts you have today. You may like to think you are a lone wolf who lives by his own rules and is a better jedi for it, all i see is a dried up old fraud who does not have the discipline to live by the true path" Alexis stopped at one of the bodies and closed the corpse's eyes.

Sib stopped rumaging and stood up, "Be mindful of your words young one." He said coldly. For some reason, his anger was building, but it was still controled and checked.

You be mindfull of your actions and I will be mindfull of my words old man he hissed. Alexis covered the face of the man wgo now had a gaping hole in his forehead with the mans robe.

Sib turned now, "I do not have to be mindful of my actions. I am here to survive and serve the council, nothing more. I live my life in a way you could never understand so don't pretend to. You spoke of not knowing your past, well you don't know mine either. You know nothing of the horrors in my life and the things I have seen. I could tell you stories that would make you cry like a little Twi-lek girl getting rapped for the first time."

The gruff talk doesnt scare me so save it for the temple padawans. Im sure you think yourself to be very impressive, I have to say I'm underwhelmed.

"I was never hear to impress boy. But you would be wise to heath my words. Watch your tongue or someday you may be holding it in your hand." Sib said darkly and turned back to one of the bodies. He picked it up and walked it over to the bushes where he layed the man down and pulled out a shovel from the speeder.

Though he tried not to Alexis let out a small laugh..

Sib turned, "What is so funny about dead bodies?"

Is that so?" Sib proped his arm against the shovel.

"Nothing at all, I was laughing at you."
"How am I so amusing to you young one? Do you find my methods humorus? Or perhaps because you realize I am superior to you." Sib said.

Alexis laughed again.. " I laugh at your arrogance, nothing more."
For some reason, Sib got angry. He didn't know why but as he cocked back the shovel and let it fly from his hand, he grunted in annoyance and as the shovel flew by Alexis' head and slammed into the tree near him. The edge buried itself deep into the wood and the hand stuck out like a regular branch.
"Next time I won't miss." He said darkly.

Alexis handt even blinked... " Oh that was very impressive I must say."

"This is why I work better alone. Child remember what you have learned today, it may be your last lesson." Sib walked over to the speeder and threw his leg over it. He reved up the engine and started to give it more fuel.

" I am sure there is more than one reason you work alone, I am pretty sure that the council is loath to let your influence seep into other students. But keep telling yourself that story if you like. " Alexis dissapeared into the trees, moment later he arrived back on a speeder.. one of the assasins had left it there. It was a ggod one too equipped to twin lasers...

Sib burst off not looking back leaving a trail of dust behind him that swirled in the wind. He hit the accelorator to full and shot off towards the his mission.

A laser bolt fired across Sibs shoulder and Alexis's speeder came up level... " The next time I wont miss " he hissed as they both continued on down the road...

Sib looked back and took this as an attack. He reached into his pack and pulled out a thermal detonator. Priming it, he tossed it behind him and shot off ahead of Alexis.

Alexis laughed and easily dodged the blast...this was going to be one hell of a trip.

Sib looked back and growled, "I would advise you not to follow me from here on out. It will be hazordous to your health."

" Sounds fun " shouted Alexis.

Sib slammed on the breaks and flew past Alexis. Coming up behind him, Sib began to fire madly at Alexis, blast bolts flying all around him.

Alexis flipped back wards off his speeder and landed on Sib, his legs wrapped around his throat and pulled him off the speeder..he held him tight and choked him and said.. " now listen you bastard, you threw a shovel at me and i didnt attack you, The laser fire was just a message. Had I wanted to kill you I would have aimed for you head. I just wanted to show you that I will return in kind to any attack. Now I am going to let you go now.. we can keep fighting and waste our time or we can accept that neither one of us is going to convive the other and get back to our task. Alexis releases Sib and offered him his hand.

Sib smacked his hand away and whiped some blood from his lip. He stood up and grabed his lightsaber, "Arm yourself or walk away." He said. There was something different about this Sib. He felt different through the Ashla. He felt darker and colder. He was pulsing with anger as he ignited his blade, a yellow light spilling out.

Alexis's silver blade hissed to life, "I dont want to do this... it is not neccesary."

"Then walk away Alexis." His eyes changed. They became darker and started to fill out in orange in red. Sib began to laugh darkly as he held out his hands, "I don't believe this! The power! The raw power!!"

Alexis looked on in horror, he had only felt this once before and that was when he fought the monster in the city.. it was a perversion of the Ashla, a dark Ashla..He raised his blade.

Sib laughed out loud again and looked at Alexis, "Do you think you can defeat me?! EVEN NOW?!"
Sib walked foward an insane and dark look on his face. In a flash that Alexis almost missed, his blade came down toward him with Alexis blocked. But the power that came with the strike was almost bone shattering. "Then you will die Alexis!"

It took all of Alexis's strenght to push the blade away, he leaped in the air a brought a round house kick crashing down against Sib's jaw.. he heard a crunch of teeth. he landed ane started a flurry of attacks.

:Sib blocked each attack easily and landed a kick in Alexis' chest pushing him back slightly as Sib began his attack.

Alexis landed hard on his back, he suspected he had a broken rib. He jumped back to his feet and assesed his surroundings. Leaping through the air he rebounded of trees like a jetball finally rocketing towards Sib and a lethal spinning attack.

Sib raised his blade and crossed his other arm infront of him. He blocked each attack and readied himself for his new volley of attacks on Alexis.

Sib let out a roar of pain and anger as his arm fell to the ground. Sib grabed the power cable of his lightsaber and snapped it in two with his right hand. He grabbed Alexis and flung him over his shoulder again and tossed him so far into the woods, that when he landed, he was a good 20 meters away from Sib. Sib ducked off into a few bushes and his world became a blur, then darkness. He fell on the ground in a heap of blood and pain.

Alexis was ready as he reeled from the counter attack he used his free arm to cartwheel behind Sib. He locked his arms behind him and roared.. " Sib Dont do this, you are a jedi! calm yourself.. take contro.. Alexis didnt get a chance to finish his sentence, he was hurtling through the air and smacked against a tree. Sib had flipped him over his shoulders. Getting to his feet he knew he would have to incapacitate Alexis.. he soared through the air towards him and hoped to the Ashla his gamble would pay off. As he leaped he postioned himself infront of the Sun twin suns... as he had hoped when Sib looked up to him his vision was impared. Alexis seized his chance, he fell like a rock and caught Sibs hands under his arms. With a twist he knocked the lightsaber out of his hands, moving quickly he ducked a waht would have been fatal pucnh and wrapped Sibs power cable around his throat and held him.. Sib was so strong, alexis knew he could not hold on..then he saw Sibs left arm exposed, he swung his blade.

Sib let out a roar of pain and anger as his arm fell to the ground. Sib grabed the power cable of his lightsaber and snapped it in two with his right hand. He grabbed Alexis and flung him over his shoulder again and tossed him so far into the woods, that when he landed, he was a good 20 meters away from Sib. Sib ducked off into a few bushes and his world became a blur, then darkness. He fell on the ground in a heap of blood and pain.

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