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Through the Eyes of a Miraluka

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Apr. 3rd, 2006 | 09:10 pm
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posted by: braya_averre in dawnofthejedi

Braya sighed with the stress of so many people. Crowded places were the hardest on her 'eyes'. She lifted her hood and pulled off the cloth around her eyes. She took out her ponytail and let her long brown hiar cascade over her shoulders. She sensed Alora coming over. "You are alright, yes?" Alora asked when she came closer.
"You are looking for the word 'right' in place of the 'yes', or better yet just take it off," Braya said in a weak and tired voice.
"Thank you, I still make some mistakes in my Basic."
Braya gave a weak smile. "It's no problem."
"Could you also help me learn to actually speak it right?"
Braya raised her head and opened her eyes, allowing her a bit more detailed picture of the world. "You mean lose your accent?" She could tell Alora was not paying attention to her. The expression on the woman's face was not perfect but she understood the meaning, she got it a lot.
Alora seemed to realise that Braya could see her and went back to her usual expression. "I apologise, I didn't mean to stare."
Braya smiled. "We all look different from one another, even those of the same species. It is alright to be curious about another which you know little about."
"H-How do you see?" Alora asked cautiously.
"I...sense the world. I can feel depth and see shapes, but nothing too detailed. I can see into the hearts of living things. I can see the scars on your skin, ones only I can see. You have had a troubled past. There is one thing I cannot see, however. I cannot make sense of faces, I know where things should be, but I cannot see details."
She could both sense and 'see' that Alora was contemplating this. Finally, Alora took Braya's hands in her own. "Then let me show you." She put Braya's hands to her cheek.
Braya smiled and ran over Alora's face. She thought she was a beautiful woman, far more beautiful than her, or maybe that was her being critical on herself. "You're skin...it's rough. Did you grow up on a desert planet? Or are you actually a native of the Twi'lek homeplanet?"
"I was raised on the planet of my fathers." Braya noticed something and ran down to her mouth.
"Say that again."
"Why?" Alora asked in confusion.
Braya smiled. "You like putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth," she explained as she pulled her hands away. "That is your problem."
Alora realized this the moment she said it. "You're right..."
Braya smiled weakly once again and sighed, she was out of it. "I must go and rest. After I am rested I will seek you out again. Until then, may The Ashla look over you."
"And over you as well," Alora said as Braya left, pulling her hood over her head and putting her cloth back over her eyes.

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